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Quality Link Building & Outreach Services

We take great pride in providing exceptional white hat link building to rival that of any digital marketing agency in the country. Our systems have been modified and structured over several years to provide the very best value link building for your money.

Outlining Our Premium Link Building Service

In order to offer some transparency as to what is provided when you undertake our link building services, we thought it prudent to outline our processes with a view to allaying any doubts or objections that you may be experiencing prior to becoming one of our valued clients.

We should also point out that we are very selective in terms of whom we actually work with and therefore we do not take on every client that would like to benefit from the services we provide. We need to be satisfied that the content we will be working with is of a standard that can achieve the best results from our link building endeavours.

Also, being a relatively small company, there are only so many clients that we are able to service and work with at one time. Keeping a small but busy team allows us to deliver the high level of quality that you expect, and as such, we are able to provide a service that both delivers results whilst maximising the bottom line of your business.

A detailed outline of how we operate is below – if you feel that your company would be a good fit and benefit from our link building services then please get in touch.

Step 1. We Start By Creating A Gmail Account

We begin all campaigns by creating a Gmail account that utilizes the persona of the business owner. This email is then used to perform outreach and contact the potential link targets that our team finds.

It is necessary to convey ourselves as the business owner because in our experience, links are much easier to acquire when the people we liaise with believe us to be the business owner, rather than an agency hired to perform the process.

Step 2. We Then Need To Gain Access To Google Analytics 

We will need access to your Google Analytics account in order that we can get a good insight to your website. This allows us to analyse the content on your site and what the visitors to your site do when they browse your site. For this reason it is essential that we have access when we begin working with you.

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Step 3. Access To Google Search Console Account

For similar reasons to Google Analytics, we need access to your Google Search account, which allows us to discover and identify the keywords that your site is presently ranking for, how effective the current results are in terms of driving traffic and any keywords that we may be able to gain some quick traction with by making simple modifications. 

Using both Google Analytics and Search Console we can begin the real analysis work and utilise them both to expose a number of very important things such as:

  • The most popular content on your website
  • The keywords ranking the highest and the keywords lagging behind, meaning those keywords ranking at the bottom of page one and also those on pages two and three. We can often make simple changes to these keywords to push them up and achieve higher rankings quickly
  • Keywords that may be receiving impressions but are not being clicked on and thus not driving traffic. Again, we can often gain some quick wins with these types of keywords

Step 4. Check The Anchor Text Ratio Of Your Site 

Using a range of tools such as SerpStat, Moz Pro, Majestic SEO and Ahrefs we will analyse the incoming links to your website and the current anchor text ratio. This is a very important aspect in terms of ranking and is often underestimated but can often make or break a campaign.

To do this, the top ranking sites in your niche will be analysed in order to ascertain the optimum anchor text ratio. This is obviously what Google deems to be a natural looking anchor text because they are ranking these sites highly. As such, a plan will then be drawn up to balance the anchor text of your site to the top ranking sites. With this information we can then build the necessary links to balance out the anchor text profile of your site.

Step 5. We Conduct A Full Website Audit – Content, On-Page & Links 

Our next step is to take a good look at the content currently on your site. Our primary aim is to establish:

  • What content have we got to work with?
  • Is content being created actively/regularly?
  • Do you have a regular writer/content creator?
  • Are you currently using distribution channels (email lists, social following)
  • Are you prepared to invest in the creation of high quality content?

We will then be in a position to compile a list of any current URL’s that have good content that we can use to approach the link targets that we have identified.

If there happens to be no content that we can use, which happens a lot, we can simply engineer a plan to create some content that we feel will be interesting to our link targets. If you happen to have, or know of a writer that can deliver high quality content then that is perfect. Otherwise we will use someone from our pool of content writers, which will be an additional expense but we can be assured of getting the kind of quality content that need to use for our campaign. The best way forward is to agree a content budget, which covers both content for your site, and to be placed on target sites.

6. We Conduct A Thorough Links Audit 

We will generate a thorough audit of the incoming links to your website which will involve the following:

  • Do you have a clean domain (no spammy or unnatural links)
  • Is the anchor text ratio natural and not over-optimised
  • Target pages will be analysed to ensure that things are in order in terms of linking perspective
  • The current metrics on your site will be checked and recorded. These consist of DA & PA (domain authority and page authority), and TF & CF (trust flow and citation flow)
  • The link history will be analysed to assess any links from relevant websites, which allows us to discover any pages that are not being fully utilised, or any that already have links coming in

Step 7. Compile The Above Information Into A Reporting Document 

This is a document that is updated in real time and can be accessed by you at any time. This will track the content that is being used, the keywords currently ranking and in addition any keywords that should be ranking or have the potential to rank well.

Step 8. Google Operators Are Generated

Using the keywords that have been compiled above we then generate a large list of Google operators. These are basically very powerful words and characters that can be attached to search terms that we can then use to filter out specific results to match our requirements.

By way of explanation, if we were looking to build links in the “dental’ niche, we would use a term such as:

“dental inurl:resources”

Using our in-house bespoke spreadsheet we can generate a multitude of queries that we can then use in Google to return sites that we can target for our link building purposes.

The net result of this is that we can discover a high number of very niche specific websites that are perfect targets for our link building efforts.

Step 9. Link Types Are Selected To Suit The Content & The Budget 

Depending on the site we are working with and what we have determined in our previous steps, we will select the link types that we feel are best suited to be used for the campaign. This varies according to how interesting the site we are working with actually is, and likewise, on the amount of content we have to work with.

In instances such as these we will likely choose to place content on other sites or use a method we call the ‘bridge’, whereby we identify industries that are related but not in direct competition. An example might be golf lessons & golf courses. We might also identify local blogger sites. None of these methods place content on your site but rather add content to third party sites that contains a link back to your site.

Step 10. A Project Management Plan Is Created

Once we have all of the above in place we are able to formulate a timeline as to how to execute and roll out the next few months of your campaign. This spreadsheet will contain a tab will detail exactly what will be happening over this period of time, what is currently being worked on and what has been completed. This is updated automatically and means that you can check in and keep yourself up to date on what has been happening and what will be happening throughout your campaign.


Using Contact Name & Email To Find Opportunities 

At this stage we have now ascertained the following:

  • The keywords that we want to rank for
  • What content we can use to achieve the above
  • The links most suited to our campaign
  • The Google search operators that we can utilise to generate link targets

We Are Now Able To Begin Our Link Prospecting!

This process is ever changing and the reporting sheet will testify this, should you ever want to take a look at it. In this sheet will be a list of link targets and their status, which will obviously change on a daily or sometimes even hourly basis as the work is being carried out because again, this is updated in real time. Our aim here is to obtain the name and personal email of the person we are looking to contact, because this makes our outreach efforts that much more effective.

The Actual Outreach Process

We will now be contacting each of our link targets by the most appropriate email address and where applicable using their name to address them. This process varies greatly depending on what type of link we are looking to build. We often find that we can build relationships during this process that can in the future be equally beneficial. What often happens besides acquiring the link is that the target will also socially share your site which serves as an added bonus.

Following Up 

This important stage is very often overlooked but this can prove to be the difference in acquiring a link or not. The people we are contacting receive a lot of emails every day, as we all do, so it’s more than likely that our email can be overlooked or just plain ignored.

By following up, sometimes 2-3 times, we increase the likelihood of achieving our aim and acquiring the link. By tracking the emails we are also able to see who has opened our initial email and who hasn’t, so we can tailor out follow up messages accordingly rather than firing out the same message over and over.

What Are The Results?

By using the above methods we are able to achieve 2 very important things.

  • Organic traffic growth
  • Traffic growth from referral

With the links that we have created being on niche relevant sites and sites possessing high authority, this serves to feed Google exactly what they want. In turn, Google rewards your site with higher rankings, which we refer to as organic rankings. This essentially leads to more people finding your site, clicking on your site and as such, is highly likely to increase sale/acquire customers. As long as your website is set up to convert well, this is gold.

The referral traffic refers to anybody that clicks on the links that we have created. This results in highly targeted traffic flowing into your site because they are obviously interested in the content that we have provided for them. As with the organic traffic, this means that they are far more likely to actually convert into sales/customers.

Link Expectations

It really depends on the content that we are able to work with, the industry and what is being sold/promoted. A lot also depends on the targets we are approaching so there are many variables to this question. The aim is to acquire between 10-20 links per month once the campaign is in full flow and it has been streamlined. In a nutshell, the more content that we are able to use will result in the more optimum results.

Document Reporting & Tracking

This is all contained within 2 documents, accessible by you at any time.

The link sheet will outline

  • The project plan
  • Our targets
  • The progress of our outreach
  • Available opportunities
  • The content being used
  • Any accounts & passwords that have been created
  • Live links

The end of month report will outline offer an overall view of the campaign progression alongside any improvements that we feel can be made, increases in traffic and any other relevant information.

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What is the Cost For This Incredible Service? 

As we have established and is apparent with all of the above, this is an extremely detailed and time-consuming process.

As such the minimum charge starts at £995.00 per month and can range up to multiples of that per month, depending on the level of work that is required on the site and of course the level of competition. Each site is radically different and as such each site requires an in depth analysis in the manner that we have described thus far.

Because there are so many unique elements to each site, we can only ascertain the appropriate costs once a thorough analysis has been carried out. Having read this far though, you can be 100% sure that we know precisely what we are doing and that not only will your site be in safe hands, but that you will certainly be receiving value for money and more importantly seeing the kind of results that you aspire to.

What Link Types Can You Expect?

So then, now would be a good time to actually detail the kinds of links that we build for our clients. There are around 20 that we utilise but typically we find that we tend to focus on 5-7 particular link types for any campaign.

Link Roundups 

These are basically people that are compiling and sharing content that they believe will interest their own audience. As such, when we present them with something interesting that is worth sharing, they are more often than not happy to go ahead and share it. These are often overlooked and can a lot of the time work out as a quick win for us. As an example, if their site was promoting ‘the months best golfing posts’, and us being able to present an awesome post about golf, they are obviously going to be extremely happy to share our content.

Resource Pages & Broken Link Building

A technique used by many because they are in such great abundance across all sectors. Pairing a resource with broken link building is a tactic that works well for us. We often find resource pages that contain links to resources that are now unavailable which then provides us with an opportunity to replicate it and replace that broken link with a link to yours. We can use any resources that you have for this and if you don’t happen to have a resource then no problem, we can produce one together.

The other added bonus with these links is that we can often end up with a list of targets that link out to the broken resource link. We simply need to contact them and notify them about this and ask them to replace it with your resource link and more often than not they are happy to do so.

Guest Posts (Content Placement)

We tend to use this a lot more when we don’t have a lot of content to work with. We basically reach out to other sites that are related in some way and accept third party content on their site. We then produce a fantastic piece of content that benefits both them and you. Them by receiving a top class piece of content that their readers will be interested in and you by receiving a relevant and contextual link back to your site.

Sponsored Posts

As the name suggests these cost money. Sometimes we can get away with just paying for a post about your service or product that contain a link to your site and there are other times when they will also ask to actually review something as an addition to the payment. However, either way, it is a fantastic way to acquire links that your competition is unlikely to get.

Link Reclamation

These work in 2 ways. We scan for places that have linked to you in the past and no longer do, and then we can reach out to them and ask/persuade them to add the link back again.

We can also scan for any websites that happen to reference your product or brand and without linking to you, and simply ask them to do so, which they are often happy to do.

Bridging Method

We touched upon this before. This is where we look for sites that are related in some way to your industry, yet not in direct competition. This can be either location based, in the same area as you, or industry based. Once we have reached out we can either swap links and/or discuss content placement that would be mutually beneficial.

Online PR

This technique has been abused and can be seen as being spammy but we approach it differently. So, ideally what we want is something that is likely to capture the attention of any journalists that are local to you, or even otherwise. It is highly likely that with a bit of detective work we can contact these journalists directly and get them to add your link to an upcoming article or even one that they have produced in the past. As a result and such is life, money often changes hands here, but this kind of exposure can be well worth it. Indeed, it might cost several hundred pounds, however these links are tremendously valuable when they can be acquired.

Another approach is to get involved in the local community and sponsor a team, help a charity out or such like. This is often an easy way to get some exposure in the local papers and acquire a link because local businesses helping out in the community equals easy copy for the journalist.

Pillow Links (Link Diversity & Link Dilution)

These consist of a variety of techniques encompassing:

Directory Links

You should naturally be listed on any directories that are relevant to your business anyway so and there a lot of popular ones aside from that. Is you are not already utilising these then we can identify those that you are not on and rectify that.

Video Links 

If you already have some videos related to your business then we could upload and share these across a range of platforms. If you don’t have any videos we can get some created relatively easily. The majority of them allow a link to be added in the description box so they serve as a quick win

Professional Organisations 

As with the directory links, there are probably niche related professional organisations that you could and indeed should be a member of. Once you sign up there is usually somewhere to place a link back to your site.

Manufacturer Links (Ecommerce)

If you happen to sell a product that somebody else produces, the manufacturer usually have a list of people who use the products contained somewhere on their site. If not, we can usually persuade them to create one simply by pointing out that they are lacking one.

Wikipedia Links

A massive site that has gained trust across the world but is actually completely user generated. As such, anybody can edit and add anything to any page, including a link back to your site. It’s actually not quite as simple as that and the links need to be extremely relevant or they quickly get deleted. However, there are ways and means of both achieving and keeping these Wikipedia links.

Conference & Event Links

If you happen to be a regular speaker at events or visit conferences then you can usually garner a link from being an attendee.

Blog & Forum Comments

Some people view this as spammy but when used wisely it can be very effective both in terms of the actual link building and also driving traffic to your website. Another added bonus is that because niche related blogs and forums are being used opportunities arise to connect and build relationships with other people in the same/related industries.

Additional Tactics

Local Bloggers

There are likely to be a lot of people that blog in your local and surrounding area. The majority of them are probably doing it for the love of it and not making a great deal of money from it. Therefore, if we can approach them with a good enough reason then they are more than likely going to be happy to link out to you.

Failing that, once again, a ‘small donation’ often sways their decision and persuades them and they are suddenly quite happy to spend 2 minutes and add your link to a piece of content that they have published in the past. This works 2 fold by not only acquiring the link, but the link containing extra relevance by being local to you.

University Student Blogs

Nearly every university without exception has an internal platform for blogging that students can use. Some take off and some don’t, however, because these blogs are hosted on university domains they are naturally trusted by the search engines. Once again, the students can appreciate a token donation in order to provide a link to a local business that can perhaps benefit them or the university in some manner.

Broken Link Building

This is an old one but a good one. As we have touched upon previously it requires scanning for links that are broken but that are being linked to by many people. Broken in this case being whereby the content being linked to no longer exists. We then create a comparable, but better piece of content and approach the people linking to the missing content and ask them to replace the broken link with your link.

This can prove very effective for a number of reasons. No one likes to click on a broken link, the search engines don’t like broken links and no one likes to link to content that no longer exists. As such the user benefits, the search engines benefit, the person linking out benefits and you benefit by getting a link that is both relative and authoritative.

Reverse Engineering Competitor Links

This is a great tactic. Analysing exactly why your competitors are ranking and what their link profile looks like allows us to cherry pick any links that might be available for a quick win. After all, their links are a big factor in why they are ranking in the first place so if we replicate their link profile as much as possible and then better it, your site will naturally outrank theirs.


Creating a detailed infographic can be a very good way to pick up some easy links. It can take some thought, but compiling a comprehensive outline of your niche that contains statistics and industry data will be highly likely to get picked up and used/shared by others, the net result of which will be a link back to your site.

The Skyscraper Method

This is a method brought to attention by Brian Dean, a guy well known for his link building methods. Similar to the broken link building technique, this consists of searching for a piece of content that people are linking to a lot. Rather than it being a broken link though, we simply create a better piece of content and ask those that are linking to original content that we have found, to link to our better piece of content as well.

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